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  1. Kid Rock Style
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SONG: Evil Rock n Roll

STYLE: Kid Rock


LICENSE: Non exclusive, unlimited use

BMI-ASCAP: Cue sheet submission required for all commercial use

RESTRICTIONS: Track can not be re-licensed or sold "As-Is" or used for multiple projects

FILES: After licensing this track, high quality .WAV files of the full song and the instrumental version, if available, will be provided

PAPERWORK: Written agreements will be executed if requested but the licensee will have full rights to use the song in your project once payment is received and cue sheets submitted

CREDITS: Artist & songwriter(s) information will be provided by Ultradose Music and properly credited by the licencee

LOWER BUDGET PROJECTS: Feel free to contact us directly if your project has a budget lower than the instant license fee. Ultradose Music always strives to work within indie budgets when possible.